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Coronavirus Village Hall Update

Forwarded from the Village Hall Management Committee
During the pandemic, members of the committee, the Booking Clerk and Cleaner have been working to ensure that Cheswick Green Village Hall is a CoViD secure building.  They have been conscious of the balance between keeping this vital community asset open for the health and wellbeing of the community and the risk of infection spread by its users.  All regular hirers have been required to complete their own activity risk assessments to complement some very stringent CoViD user conditions the committee published.  There has been no pressure on any group to return and all regular hire slots have been left open for when they feel it is safe to continue.

The committee have been working with and receiving advice from both the Warwickshire Rural Community Council and Action with Communities in Rural England. Both bodies have provided professional advice as restrictions have changed on almost a weekly basis.

Under the new Tier 2 restrictions the committee is satisfied that the below activities can legally take place in the Village Hall;

  • Indoor sport or exercise classes, provided people can avoid mixing in groups of more than 6 (exceptions to enable disability and youth sport and physical activity indoors)
  • Youth groups, youth activities and playgroups provided they have full CoViD risk assessments and operate in groups of 6
  • Education or training again in groups of 6.

The committee will continue to monitor local restrictions and wishes to thank both the Booking Clerk and Cleaner who have both worked extremely hard during these unusual times.


Dear Resident

Earlier this year we supplied you all with a COVID-19 poster to highlight when a neighbour was in need of support.

A further poster, reminding everyone to keep following the Public Health messages, has now been produced and can be downloaded for use where appropriate. If you are aware of a neighbour who does not possess the necessary technology, please print the poster for them.

Our thanks for your help and please stay safe

Cheswick Green Residents Association


Dear Fellow Resident,

As the Residents Association for Cheswick Green and Cheswick Place, our key  objective is to engender local spirit and make the village a better place to live. 

This is largely done by organising social events, competitions, litter picks, taking care of the planters (including those outside the school) and recognising residents who make a contribution to the village. We also work with the Council and Police to ensure that local opinion is taken into account. During this pandemic we organised the printing and distribution of a Coronavirus window display which has been prevalent throughout the village.

Although our running costs are comparatively small, we normally ask residents for a small contribution. However, as a result of the pandemic and its implications, it has been decided to suspend subscriptions for this year. Our costs will be taken from reserves which are held for emergencies.

The Residents Association is run by a small group of residents who undertake the bulk of work. However, in recent years our numbers have become depleted. Going forward, we plan to hold quarterly meetings with an online update each month.

While the work of the Residents Association is much appreciated, without the input of new members there is a risk that it will cease to exist. If you feel that the Residents Association is doing a good job and would be prepared to invest a few hours to help the community, please contact us at the following email address:


The Cheswick Green Residents Association meet on the first Wednesday of the month, 8:00pm in the Village Hall.



Dear Resident,

Albeit in its early stages, Coronavirus will have a major negative impact on us all and the manner in which we conduct our lives. In particular, senior citizens and the vulnerable will be at the greatest risk.

The Government guidance will see the elderly self-isolating and during this time, they will experience limited contact with the added risk of essential supplies running short.

In order to identify those in need of help, the Residents Association will supply all residents with two visuals for display in a prominent window. The green visual will signal that all is well and the red visual that support is needed.

Clearly, “face to face” conversations are not advised, but if you come across a red visual being displayed, please make every effort to contact the resident and offer them support.

We thank you for your anticipated help.

Litter Pick – 7th July 2019

Cheswick Green Residents Litter Pick – July 2019

The Litter Pick was well supported by residents, who collected 20 bags of rubbish and helped to make our village a lot tidier. Suffice to say, the bulk of activity was centred around the shops.

Thanks go to Solihull Council who provided the essential tools and organised disposal of the rubbish.

It is hoped that the next Litter Pick will attract an even bigger level of support and that a much wider area can be covered.
If residents are aware of an area in our village that would benefit from a bi-annual swoop then please let us know via the website.

Many thanks