Since lockdown began, residents have experienced a number of changes to their lives. Interestingly though, the smell of baking, motor mower and drill noises have been very apparent within the village. This suggests that the preparation of good food, DIY projects and garden transformations have all been on our agendas.

We would love for all residents to share your work and hope that it will inspire them to undertake their own projects.

If you have been working hard at home during the lockdown, please send us your photographs to

Many thanks

Marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day

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We know that some streets may be planning to hold lockdown versions of traditional street parties with neighbours having their own celebrations in their front gardens. This way, people can mark VE day while sticking to social distancing rules which are designed to save lives

This is not dissimilar to Clap for our Carers, which has been seen to build community spirit in a safe way, with people staying in their own gardens, with their own family.

You can find out more about how you can mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day from home by visiting the Royal British Legion website.


Dear Resident,

Albeit in its early stages, Coronavirus will have a major negative impact on us all and the manner in which we conduct our lives. In particular, senior citizens and the vulnerable will be at the greatest risk.

The Government guidance will see the elderly self-isolating and during this time, they will experience limited contact with the added risk of essential supplies running short.

In order to identify those in need of help, the Residents Association will supply all residents with two visuals for display in a prominent window. The green visual will signal that all is well and the red visual that support is needed.

Clearly, “face to face” conversations are not advised, but if you come across a red visual being displayed, please make every effort to contact the resident and offer them support.

We thank you for your anticipated help.

Changes to Bus Service

The route for: NEW A7 / A8 from 01 Sept 2019
A7 South Solihull Circular (Clockwise)
A7 – Solihull, Station Road (SB), Poplar Road, Warwick Road, U Turn at island, Warwick Road, Solihull by pass, Warwick Road, High Street, Station Road, Lodge Road, Longdon Road, Tilehouse Green Lane, Purnells Way, Station Road, Forest Road, Avenue Road, Dorridge Station, Grange Road, Aylesbury Road, Stratford Road, Kineton Lane, Central Boulevard, Blythe Valley Business Park, Blythe Gate, Stratford Road, Creynolds Lane, Watery Lane, Tanworth Lane, Blackford Road, Marshall Lake Road, Blossomfield Road, Island, Solihull, Station Road (SB).

A8 South Solihull Circular (Anti-Clockwise)
A8 – Solihull, Station Road (SK), Island, Blossomfield Road, Marshall Lake Road, Blackford Road, Tanworth Lane, Watery Lane, Creynolds Lane, Stratford Road, Blythe Gate, Blythe Valley Business Park, Central Boulevard, Kineton Lane, Stratford Road, Aylesbury Road, Grange Road, Station Road, Forest Road, Avenue Road, Dorridge Station, Station Road towards Knowle, Purnells Way, Tilehouse Green Lane, Longdon Road, Lodge Road, Station Road, Knowle Green, High Street, Warwick Road, Solihull by pass, Warwick Road, Poplar Road, Solihull, Station Road (SK)

The route for: NEW A5 from 27th Oct ’19
A5 – Solihull to Dickens Heath and Cheswick Green

A5 – Solihull, Station Approach (A), Streetsbrook Road, Sharmans Cross Road, Solihull Road, Stratford Road, Church Road, Bills Lane, Shakespeare Drive, Hathaway Road, Stretton Road, Tanworth Lane, Dickens Heath Road, U turn at Island with Rumbush Lane, Dickens Heath Road, Tanworth Lane, Watery Lane, Creynolds Lane, Cheswick Way, (the Saxon).

Returns via The Saxon, Cheswick Way, Creynolds Lane, Watery Lane and reverse of outward route to Streetsbrook Road, island, Lode Lane, Warwick Road, Poplar Road, Solihull, Station Road (SL), Solihull, Station Approach (A).

Litter Pick – 7th July 2019

Cheswick Green Residents Litter Pick – July 2019

The Litter Pick was well supported by residents, who collected 20 bags of rubbish and helped to make our village a lot tidier. Suffice to say, the bulk of activity was centred around the shops.

Thanks go to Solihull Council who provided the essential tools and organised disposal of the rubbish.

It is hoped that the next Litter Pick will attract an even bigger level of support and that a much wider area can be covered.
If residents are aware of an area in our village that would benefit from a bi-annual swoop then please let us know via the website.

Many thanks

Looking after the interests of residents of the village of Cheswick Green.