AnNual General Meeting

Green Residents Association is scheduled for Thursday 4th November, 8:00pm in the Village Hall.
At this important meeting, we appoint a new committee, discuss our finances and set out plans for the coming year.
We invite all Cheswick Green residents to join us, participate in the conversation and raise any new ideas or concerns.
Your attendance will be most welcome

School Expansion

In June of this year, the Cheswick Green Residents Association alerted you all to the many flaws contained within the above planning application which would see the volume of pupils double. Having studied SMBC’s own Transport Assessment, concerns grew and legal guidance was sought. This led to the Cheswick Green Parish Council and Residents Association commissioning an independent survey to provide a transparent picture. Read More


IMPORTANT The plans for the school expansion have been published. See link below!!Please put in your objections by the 29th of June!
To object you either create an account on the website and can then submit comments or write to the local planning authority I.e SMBC stating planning application number, reasons, etc. You will need to really point out traffic/parking/traffic pollution in your objection as I think this is where they will take notice!!

Vehicle Crime

There has been an increase in reports of vehicle crime in Solihull in recent weeks. Steps that you can take to help to protect your vehicle.

Keyless theft: When vehicles are stolen using an electronic device to access the signal to your key fob. You can prevent this by purchasing a signal blocker bag to store your key fob in once you have parked up . Alternatively you can store your keys in a foil lined tin to stop the signal being picked up by a relay tracker device that has the range to pick up signals from outside your home.

Theft of High Value Vehicles: When storing a vehicle in a locked and secure garage isn’t possible then secondary security measures are advisable. Criminals want to steal your vehicle as quickly as possible so putting layers of security in place will help to deter them. Consider using a Disklok as a WMNow member you do qualify for a 15% discount by using the code WMPwelcome15 at the checkout.

Theft from vehicles:  After parking up at your destination or at home for the evening remove all valuables from your vehicle and make sure it is locked and secure. Opportunist thieves go out in the early hours trying car door handles to see what they can find. Items such as tools, sat navs, laptops phones, sunglasses and loose change are just what they are hoping to steal. So please take a minute before going to bed to check your vehicle is locked.

There’s lots of really useful vehicle crime prevention advice on our website
For all other crime types visit

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