Opportunist thieves targeting unlocked vehicles

The cars are being stolen and often cut up for parts.
Check our top tips for keeping your car safe.

Check your fob has done its job
We know locking your car is second nature but take that extra few second to check your fob has done its job and locked your car before walking away. Some cars are equipped with technology which unlocks the car when you walk towards it with the keys and simply touch the door handle to open the car. But remember that same technology doesn’t automatically lock the vehicle when you walk away.
Thieves also use devices to jam the signal between the remote control and the vehicle.

Check your door mirrors – some vehicles have automatic folding door mirrors when the car is locked using the remote control or button on the door handle. Make sure the mirrors are folded in.

Use a Tested Steering Wheel lock
A steering wheel lock is a great deterrent for putting off potential thieves from stealing your car.
We recommend a Sold Secure, independently tested steering wheel lock. Disklok is a recommended product and as a WMNOW member you qualify for a 15% discount just quote code WMPwelcome15 at the checkout.

Use a Faraday pouch
Do you have ‘keyless’ or passive entry vehicle? Then make sure the keys are kept in a faraday bag to stop it emitting a signal. Also protect any spare keys too.
Thieves can copy signals between the keys and the vehicle using illegal devices. Tricking the vehicle in to thinking the key is nearby, enabling them to open and start the vehicle.

We’ve had a few frosty mornings this week, but remember, always stay with your car when the engine is running. Don’t give that opportunist thief a chance to make a getaway in your car!
Visit Stealer Street,our virtual reality car park and get vehicle safety and security tips.

A Big Thank You

Dear Residents

A huge thankyou to the residents of Cheswick Green who came through for us last Sunday, donating over 100 food parcels for the Renewal food bank. The donations were delivered to Renewal the following day and we have just received the below letter of thanks.

It’s so brilliant to live in a village with such generous and kind neighbours.

All At The Cheswick Green Residents Association



Last Christmas Cheswick residents worked with the Renewal Church in Solihull to provide food parcels for the needy. The donations were distributed within the Borough to those with the greatest need.

As the Festive season approaches, we would like to repeat this exercise. Accordingly, would you please help us and donate a food parcel to this most worthy cause.

Please bring your food parcel (non-perishable food only) to the Village Hall on Sunday 19th December, our representatives will be near the steps from 3pm-4pm. Your donations will be delivered to Renewal the following morning.

We thank you all for your anticipated kindness which will make a big difference to many deserving families.


School Expansion

In June of this year, the Cheswick Green Residents Association alerted you all to the many flaws contained within the above planning application which would see the volume of pupils double. Having studied SMBC’s own Transport Assessment, concerns grew and legal guidance was sought. This led to the Cheswick Green Parish Council and Residents Association commissioning an independent survey to provide a transparent picture. Read More


IMPORTANT The plans for the school expansion have been published. See link below!!Please put in your objections by the 29th of June!
To object you either create an account on the website and can then submit comments or write to the local planning authority I.e SMBC stating planning application number, reasons, etc. You will need to really point out traffic/parking/traffic pollution in your objection as I think this is where they will take notice!!


Dear Residents,
From previous communications, you will be aware that Solihull Council (SMBC) is proposing to progressively double the volume of pupils attending Cheswick Green Primary School. The additional capacity is designed primarily to accommodate children from the Blythe Valley Park (BVP) housing development. Read More

Proposed Expansion to Cheswick Green School

Dear Resident,

During November/December last year, the Residents Association provided guidance on the proposed expansion to Cheswick Green Primary School (CGPS). Having canvassed local opinion an objection was sent to Solihull Council.

The subject is due to be discussed with the Council’s Cabinet Member next Monday (11th January 2021) with the likely outcome that the expansion will be approved in principle, subject to a detailed plan to deal with the likely increase in traffic and parking.

This outcome is not unexpected, as expanding CGPS was recommended by our Parish Council as part of their response to the Blythe Valley development plan.

Cheswick Green Residents Association

Looking after the interests of residents of the village of Cheswick Green.