Crime Prevention Advice Solihull

  • Think about using light timers if returning home after dark. Most burglaries committed locally are during daytime/early evening hours.
  • Please make sure that your presents are not on show for opportunist thieves to see.
  • Check that your doors are locked even when you are home.
  • Do what you can to make sure your house doesn’t look empty. Why not ask a trusted neighbour to park on your empty drive as well as leaving a light/radio on.
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home if you are going away for a few days. Removing any post on view, putting wheelie bins in and out for you and drawing curtains in the evening.
  • Be careful what you share on social media. Update your friends and family about what you have been up to once you are home.
  • Talk to any elderly or vulnerable neighbours and family members about door step crime.
  • See something suspicious report it to the Police on 101. We have had some great arrests in recent weeks. Calls in from the public have resulted in arrests being made for robbery, burglary and vehicle crime.
  • When you are out take extra care with your personal belongings. Crowded places attract thieves. Keep your mobile devices out of sight and purses and wallets safe.

Christmas Lights Competition

Last Years Winner

It’s the run up to Christmas and for the third year running we are giving a prize to a household that has gone the extra mile to decorate the outside of the house. Size really doesn’t matter, town house, semi or detached the winner will be judged on effort and will receive a voucher and certificate to commemorate their victory.
This year the houses on Cheswick Place will also be included in the judging.

Cheswick Green, Advent Windows

Cheswick Green Methodist Church, Advent Windows. Each day in December a home or business in Cheswick Green will decorate a window or porch for people to view between 5.30-8pm that evening. So, on 1st December there will be one window by 24th December there will be 24 windows to see. Each window will be inspired by a Christmas Carol or song. This is not Blackpool illuminations just a bit of neighbourly fun! We hope that you enjoy spotting the Advent Windows as much as our volunteers will enjoy making them.
List of Participating Households. (PDF)

Children’s Competition
If you are quick at spotting which window is inspired by which carol/song and you are aged 12 or under we challenge you to join in our ‘Song Spotters Advent Window Competition’! All windows should remain visible for a few days between Christmas and New Year. Just put the dates in December and the name of the carol/song on a piece of paper (eg. 1st December – Silent Night, 2nd December – Jingle bells etc). Don’t forget to include your name, school class and a contact phone number. If you attend Cheswick Green Primary School you may return the form to the school office by Wednesday 10th January 2018 or alternatively post your entry through the letterbox at 72 Willow Drive. The prize will be a local Toy Shop voucher and the winner will be notified shortly after the deadline.

For all Christmas Carol lovers
There will be a short ‘Carols Sing-a-long’ in THE SAXON on Sunday 17th December at 6.30pm. Non-alcoholic refreshments (Hot drinks, squash and festive biscuits) also available.

For more information about ‘Advent Windows’
Contact the minister of Cheswick Green Methodist Church,
Rev Vicki Atkinson. TEL: 01564 703302.

Looking after the interests of residents of the village of Cheswick Green.