Junction of Creynolds Lane and Vicarage Road

In response to letters from Greg Alport and also the parish council, regarding recent accidents at the junction at Creynolds Lane with Vicarage Road the Residents Association has been informed that work to improve the junction is due to take place next week, commencing 11 June. It is hoped that the scheme will help prevent more accidents in the future. In addition, instructions for the shrubbery on the boundary of the cricket club to be cut back further which should improve motorists sight lines at the junction.

One thought on “Junction of Creynolds Lane and Vicarage Road”

  1. As I understand it, this work consists of a few new signs, and a change of priority for Vicarage Road/Creynolds Lane from ‘Give Way’ to ‘Stop’. Do Solihull MBC seriously believe that this will make a ha’porth of difference to how this junction is used?? The majority of drivers who come down either of those roads are aware of the dangers, and tend to hesitate before crossing anyway, and accidents still happen!! We were promised a ‘table top’ would be installed prior to Cheswick Place being developed, but this turns out to be advisory rather than compulsory, so it would appear now that it was never going to be done! Given the thousands of pounds that are rightly being spent on traffic calming measures in Illshaw Heath at the moment, using S106 money from IM Properties, I would have thought that some of the Bloors S106 money could have been used for this junction? A table top is the only way to slow down those selfish idiots that seem to like using the lanes around here as a F1 race track or a rallycross course!! (By the way, John Bloor was recently named as the richest house builder in the UK………… just sayin’!!!)

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