Let’s be honest, the only time most of us have any dealings with planning is when the neighbours want to build and extension, or a new development is planned.  Planning is a very sensitive issue – especially when we feel that our lives will be negatively affected. Don’t forget that you can always call the planning case officer and ask questions. Should you wish to support or object to a planning application, make sure that you quote policy numbers from the Local Plan to support your stance, and be focused on your issues. What is NOT material consideration Devaluation of property, Loss of private view, Breach of a restrictive covenant, Loss of business, Disturbance caused by construction, Who the applicant or intended occupant is. What IS material consideration Overlooking / loss of privacy, Traffic, Loss of light / overshadowing, Noise, Effect on listed buildings and conservation areas, Parking, Highways safety, Layout and density of building, Design / appearance / materials, Government Policy, Disabled persons access, Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions), Nature Conservation, Need. How to respond to Planning Applications: an 8 step guide Produced by the Campaign to Protect Rural England and National Association of Local Councils, gives a clear guide as to what to comment on / what not to comment on and how to word your comments for best effect. National Planning Policy Framework Sets out the Governments planning policies and how they are expected to be applied.  It provides the framework within which local people and their councils can produce their own local and neighbourhood plans. Do you need permission? What is permitted development?  These questions are clearly answered on the Planning Portal website. You can click on the interactive property – detached house / terrace / flat/shop and this takes you to a quick guide to permitted development.  On the right hand side of the page are links to common projects undertaken.
The following news items relating to major local planning issues have previously been posted on the Cheswick Green Residents Association website. They are recorded here for reference.

Local Development Plan Review

Solihull’s draft Local Development Plan Review (LDP) has now been published and the 80 page document can be read here In relation to Cheswick Green this includes sites proposed for development off Dog Kennel Lane which includes land on Light Hall Farm. See ldp_jan_2019-appendix.pdf. You can have your say at

Local Plan – New Timetable

Partly due to continued uncertainty regarding the Government’s standard methodology for calculating housing need and the distribution of the wider housing market area shortfall, Solihull Council has revised the timetable for its Local Plan. Continue Reading CREST NICHOLSON IS SECOND SIGNING AT BLYTHE VALLEY  Crest Nicholson are the second developer to apply to build homes at Blythe Valley Park. They proposal to build 125 new homes including apartments, and three and four bedroom properties. Bloor Homes has already signed up to deliver the first phase of 170 homes. Planning Application Ref: PL/2018/01163/PPRM Detailed information relating to the residential development at Blythe Valley: APPLICATION REFERENCE: PL/2016/00863/MAOOT BLOOR HOMES TO DELIVER FIRST PHASE AT BLYTHE VALLEY IM Properties has signed up Bloor Homes to deliver 170 new homes on its site at Blythe Valley Park. A reserved matters application will now be submitted detailing plans for the development, which represents the first phase of 750 homes granted outline consent in 2017. IMP and Bloor Homes have worked closely with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council in preparing their detailed plans for the proposed development. More Details (Adobe PDF 5.52Mb) Solihull Local Plan Review Updated Schedule of “Call for Sites” Submissions July 2017 24 sites were submitted  in and around Cheswick Green No’s 4,44,45,48,61,62,78,99,100,122,123,133,146,168,173, 184,185,217,235,302,334,342,345 and 346 53 Sites are within Blythe Ward. Call for Sites- July 2017 (PDF) Coppice Walk Update Posted December 11, 2017 Bloor Homes have agreed to the additional directional signs requested by Parish Council. The Coppice Walk access will be open from 9.15am on Tuesday 12th December 2017. Bloor Homes Additional Housing Posted 30th January 2017 Bloor Homes application for an additional 54 homes to the 220 it already has planning permission for goes before SMBC Planning on Wednesday 1st February 2017. The application has been recommended for approval by the planning department. 01_02_17_PL201602759PPFL.pdf Edit 1st February. Passed by SMBC, all in favour.
Blythe Valley Development Passed By Council Posted 1st December 2016 The Blythe Valley Park planning application for 750 houses, a 250 bed care facility and a hotel was last night passed by Solihull council in full without amendments and with a second access on Kineton Lane. Objections from Cheswick Green Residents Association, Cheswick Green parish council, Hockley Heath parish council and Illshaw Heath Residents Association were ignored. The full meeting is now available as a webcast. Copy of the Planning Report to Committee (419Kb)
Massive Blythe Valley Plan Goes Before Council Posted 24th November 2016 The Blythe Valley Park planning application will go in front of the Solihull Council Planning Committee next Wednesday 30th November. As objectors, both Cheswick Green Residents Association and Illshaw Heath Residents Association have each been allocated a 3 minute slot to address the Planning Committee. In its present form, the application will cause additional traffic congestion and erode our rural environment. Copy of the Planning Report to Committee (419Kb)
Solihull’s Draft Local Plan – Future Development Posted 13th November 2016 Solihull council has published its draft plan to meet projected housing needs over the period 2011-2033. In addition to Mount Dairy Farm and Blythe Valley in our immediate area green belt land around Dog Kennel Lane and Tanworth Lane is being proposed for development of around 850 houses. Green belt land West of Dickens Heath (off Tythe Barn Lane, Tile House Lane and Birchy Leasowes Lane), 700 houses Former TRW Site, The Green, Stratford Road, 400 houses Green belt land south of Shirley (between Whitlocks End Farm and Dickens Heath Road) 600 houses. View  Solihull Draft Local Plan You can view a webcast discussing the draft plan on the SMBC website with links to documents. See also: Maps showing proposed sites. Table of allocated housing sites
Mount Dairy Farm Phase 2 and 2A Applications Posted 13th November 2016 The parish council has advised us that details of Bloor Homes planning applications for Phase 2 and 2A are now available on the SMBC website. There has also been a planning application submitted for the development of new Motorway Service Area, associated highway improvement works and other associated infrastructure at land adjacent J4 M42 Box Tree Farm Stratford Road.
Bloor Homes Update Posted 30th September 2016 Bloor Homes have released an news update relating to the Mount Dairy Farm development. As a result of the high demand for 2 and 3 bedroom homes they intend to seek permission to increase the total number of homes being built from 220 to 274 with a greater number of 2 and 3 bedroom houses on the same area. Bloor_Update_280916.pdf Edit…. 3rd October 2016 Bloor homes Phase 2 Consultation Leaflet arrived today. There is an online version if you didn’t get one and you can now make your views known to Bloor Homes at
CGRA Report to SMBC Relating to Blythe Valley Posted 3rd September 2016 The Residents Association has now submitted a report to Solihull Council based on the views put forward by residents of Cheswick Green. This report is the CGRA response to the proposed Blythe Valley Housing Development and makes recommendations in respect of related aspects of the proposed development. Our report is based on findings from the July questionnaire. Our results are very different from those the parish council has submitted to Solihull Council. Cheswick Green Residents Association Response to SMBC (PDF)
Blythe Valley Questionnaire Results Posted 16th July 2016 The results of the Cheswick Green Residents Association Blythe Valley Questionnaire are now available. Blythe_Valley_CGRA_questionnaire_results_160716.pdf Thank you to all those that took the time to complete and return the form.
Blythe Valley Park Development – Have Your Say Posted 3rd July 2016 As a result of the above development, we now face a number of issues including risks to our rural environment and unacceptable levels of traffic around the village. Armed with your views, the Residents Association will lobby Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to achieve the best outcome and thus minimise the impact to your way of life. All Cheswick Green residents should now have received a questionnaire from the Residents Association seeking their views. The questionnaire requests feedback on a number of points and advises implications of the various options. You can also complete our questionnaire ONLINE at:
Blythe Valley Housing – Outline Plan Published Posted 16th June 2016 IM Properties have published a brochure summarising the main details of their planning application for Blythe Valley Park. This may help residents understand more clearly what is proposed. There are no provisions for a doctors surgery or school, a view supported by Cheswick Green parish council who favour expanding facilities at Cheswick Green along with improved connectivity in order to cope with increased demand. To view the brochure click here.
Blythe Valley Housing – Differing Views Posted 22nd  May 2016 You will probably have received a newsletter from the parish council concerning the planned housing development at Blythe Valley. Whilst the Residents Association shares many of the views within the newsletter it differs in that it does NOT share the view that the new development needs to be “practically connected with the existing services, shops and facilities located in Cheswick Green village centre”. Cheswick Green Residents Association is of the view that Blythe Valley needs its own facilities and that increased connectivity will inevitably lead to the two developments merging into one huge residential area.
Mount Dairy Farm – Flood Alleviation Work Posted 27th April 2016 Flood alleviation work is due to start soon on the Bloor Homes development at Mount Dairy Farm. This will consist of earth bunds and pools. Details of the Flood Risk and Drainage Strategy were published in September 2015.
Housing at Blythe Valley Park Posted 7th April 2016 The planning application for Blythe Valley by Turley acting for IM Properties went live yesterday with 119 documents available from the SMBC website. The Planning Application reference is PL/2016/00863/MAOOT The concept appears to be lots and lots of new houses with no provision for a school or doctors surgery. Access points are from Kineton Lane and the existing A34 entrance and exit points. Comment Received…….. I have used the link provided to register and comment on the above planning application “Whilst I am not against the change in use to residential for future development at Blythe Valley I am very concerned that there is no provision for a doctors surgery. It is beyond belief that 750 residential dwellings and most importantly a care facility for up to 250 people, no doubt elderly does not require the provision of it’s own doctors surgery and pharmacy. It has been proposed that the surgery at Cheswick Green be expanded but work has already commenced on building an additional 220 houses at Cheswick Green. Its surgery’s business footing being secure it does not need an additional 750 homes and a 250 place care facility to remain viable. Unless provision for an additional doctors surgery and pharmacy is included in this application it should be refused. I do not have sufficient information to comment on the provision of schooling for the Blythe Valley development but anyone with any common sense or forward vision must realise that a doctors surgery is an essential requirement for such a development. Please refuse planning permission until such provision is incorporated in the plans.” Ian Sill 9th April 2016
Proposed New Housing at Blythe Valley Park Posted 24th January 2016 Residents will be aware through leaflets delivered through doors of the consultation relating to the potential development on Blythe Valley Park for Up to 750 new homes, with a mix of housing types, extra care facility, new employment space, local centre bringing residential, community and employment uses together and a 200 bedroom hotel. Councillor Ken Hawkins has written a fairly comprehensive view on this at:
Mount Dairy Farm – Phase One Posted 1st December 2015 The Residents Association has been advised that Bloor Homes appointed contractors will be on site from Monday 14 December 2015 to undertake preparatory works; including cutting out the construction access road off Tanworth Lane and setting out the site compound & welfare facilities etc.. Bloor Homes, as principal contractor, will start on site on 15 February 2016. All construction traffic into / out of the site will be via Tanworth Lane.   Site plan for phase one (PDF)
Mount Dairy Farm – Phase One Posted 7th September 2015 Planning Application – PL/2015/51811/PPRM Note; Closing date for objections is 9th September! Phase 1 Development of 95 dwellings; Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale for consideration. The CGRA have discussed and considered the above application; the result of which is that we believe that the application should be refused on the following grounds There is only 30% social housing in this area, which means that to achieved the required 40% target one of the remaining plots, lower down the slope, will need to have approximately 50% social housing. The Social housing will, by default, have a greater amount of hard landscaping which will therefore mean that any water run-off have less chance of soaking into the ground en-route to the river Blythe and could therefore exacerbate exiting flood problems There appears to be insufficient car parking facilities; given that the lack of transport infrastructure; most, if not all households, will have one or more cars. The development will be blighted by parked cars and congestion.
First Detailed Plans for New Houses Published Posted 20th August 2015 Solihull Council have now published preliminary detailed plans for phase one of Bloor Homes Mount Dairy Farm development. Phase one will consist of 95 houses of which 57 are 2 bedroom (including 8 two bedroom bungalows), 10 three bedroom houses, 27 four bedroom houses, and 1 five bedroom house.  Nineteen are to be social rent and 10 shared ownership. A number of the properties are three story. Access to phase one will be off Tanworth Lane. Original Planning Application Report
Blythe Valley Development Posted 25th July 2015 IM Properties, the new owner of Blythe Valley Business Park intend to submit a planning application for a mixed commercial and residential development. Numbers have now risen to 700 new dwellings plus residential care building for about 200 residents. There is now a specific section on the new Blythe Valley website inviting feedback from the public.
Shirley Golf Club Planning Application Posted 21st October 2014 As expected, the Shirley Golf Academy planning application is to be considered by Solihull MBC Planning Committee on Wed 29th October at their meeting commencing at 4.30 pm. Whilst this is an early start, we do need as many people to attend to give support to our arguments that the application should be refused. You can view the proposal being put forward and the recommendation of the planning officers by clicking here. Update 27th October…. This application will be considered in the Planning Committee session commencing at 6.00 pm this Wed 29th October. Chris Noble will be speaking on behalf of the CG Parish Council and Brian Brown will speak on behalf of the Residents Association. Update 29th October…. Good news all, Shirley Golf Club application has just been REFUSED by SMBC’s Planning Committee.
Summary of Mount Dairy Farm Decision Posted 5th September 2014 There is a good summary of the councils decision to grant outline planning permission to Bloore Homes on the parish councils website. It has been a very emotive issue so good to see a more clinical piece.
Council Say YES to Developers Posted 3rd September 2014 Solihull councils planning committee tonight voted to follow the wishes of its officers and approve Bloore Homes application to build up to 220 houses on Mount Dairy Farm. The question has to be asked why were Councillor David Bell, Stuart Davis, Howard Allen. Margaret Bassett, Stephen Holt, Jeff Potts, Jim Ryan, Glenis Slater and John Windmill forced to give up their evening in front of the telly to decide an outcome that had already been decided by their planning officers and the council’s legal team? All credit to Councillor Jim Ryan who had the courage to stand up and voice is disgust for the position they were in. If like me you have been brought up to try and do the right thing you may have been disappointed to witness our elected councillors bend over and take a kicking from the developers and make a decision that they know to be the wrong because it might save the council and us the ratepayer some money if they loose an appeal. Doing the right thing brings a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye in the movies but in the cold real world it’s just not very convenient. The developers have won. and the council have lost more than they realise but well done Jim Ryan for having the backbone to stand up.
The Recommendation of SMBC Planning Officers Posted 31st August 2014 Solihull Planning Committee meet on Wednesday to decide on the fate of Mount Dairy Farm. Its officers have recommended that Bloore Homes application to build 220 houses be approved. Quote…… “The previous planning application was also refused due to the inadequacy of the technical work required in order to demonstrate no harm would arise as a result of the development due to drainage/flooding issues. This technical work has now been updated and uses a robust methodology that can also be used to assess the effects of the drainage from the adjacent site. This has now concluded that the development will not have a harmful effect on drainage/flooding in the area. It is considered that the two previous reasons for refusal have now been overcome and planning permission can be granted. RECOMMENDATION For the reasons outlined above it is recommended that, subject to the  applicants entering into a section 106 agreement, the application be approved. ”
Mount Dairy Farm – Parish Council Update Posted 18th August 2014 The parish council has updated its website with the news that Bloore Homes new planning application 2014/1163 is expected be considered by Solihull Council Planning Committee on 3rd September. They have also written to Solihull council about the limited time allowed to comment on the Mount Dairy Farm application and to the Prime Minister asking him to intervene in the current situation regarding the difficulties with the planning application for Mount Dairy Farm.
Mount Dairy Farm Planning Application Posted 22nd July 2014 There will be a public meeting in the Village Hall on Wednesday 30th July at 7.30pm to discuss THE NEW PLANNING APPLICATION by Bloor Homes. As this is a NEW application all previous comments to the council will count for nothing so if you are concerned you will need to resubmit your comments either in favour or against the proposed development. The public meeting is on the 30th July and your comments have to be received by the council by the 31st July !! so don’t wait to be told what to do at the meeting. Of course its the peak of the holiday season and many residents will be away which may be a coincidence but its vital that anyone with concerns write or email their comments before the end of the month. The NEW planning reference is 2014/1163
New Mount Dairy Farm Planning Application Posted 9th July 2014 Bloor Homes have submitted a fresh planning application 2014 / 1163 to build up to 220 dwellings at Mount Dairy Farm / Tanworth Lane. Mount Dairy Farm Development Edges Closer as Solihull’s Local Development Plan Collapses. SMBC has decided to release sites in the Local Plan earlier than anticipated as there was a deficit in the number of houses in the 5 year supply following appeal from developers Gallagher Homes and Lioncourt Homes. At present SMBC are 440 houses short and it seems likely that the Mount Dairy Farm site at Cheswick Green will be brought forward to bridge the gap to compensate for the lack of housing. What a shame the local elections were held prior to this news as the issue featured so importantly in election material we were bombarded with.
Bloor Homes Appeal Councils Refusal for 220 Houses Posted 26 March 2014 Planning Application reference No: 2013/1679 Bloor Homes are appealing against Solihull Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for 220 homes off Tanworth Lane in Cheswick Green. There will now be a public inquiry with an Inspector from Bristol having the final decision. Comments already made by residents will be forwarded to the Inspector.
Shirley Golf Club – Application for 57 Houses Planning Application reference No: 2013 / 1126 You may have received a letter from SMBC Planning department about Shirley Golf course and amended plans for a “Golf Academy with specialism for disabled golf with enabling development comprising up to 57 dwellings”. Cheswick Green Residents Association has written to Solihull Council objecting to this application. See Planning_Golf_housing_Feb_2014.pdf
High Court Rules Solihull Councils Local Plan to put Lowbrook & Tidbury Green Farms into the Greenbelt is Unlawful. Posted 5th May 2014 In a blow to Environmental Campaigners and the communities in Tidbury Green and Dickens Heath, Mr Justice Higginbottom on 30th April handed down his judgement in favour of Gallagher Estates and Lioncourt Homes that the Councils recently adopted Local Plan to put these two large sites in to the Green Belt was unlawful. He also found against the Council in respect of housing numbers and we understand that costs will be awarded against the Council if not agreed within 7 days. The outcome is not finally decided but does leave residents with a very worrying situation that may take a while to unravel. In addition there may be implications for Appeals pending over Cheswick Green and Dickens Heath Road schemes.
Plans for 600 homes on Blythe Valley Park go on show Posted 21st February 2014 As this site falls under phase one and two of Solihull Council’s development plan it means it is among the sites that can be developed on immediately. The outline proposals for the land on Kineton Lane east of the existing office buildings will be on show at Cornwall House on the site on Saturday from 10am to 1pm and then again on Wednesday, April 30, from 4pm to 8pm. You can view outline proposals online at:
Shirley Golf Club and the hidden 57 Houses Posted 21st February 2014 Cheswick Green Residents Association has written to Solihull Council objecting to this application. See Planning_Golf_housing_Feb_2014.pdf Plans Submitted to Build 220 New Houses at Cheswick Green Application REFUSED posted 30th January 2014 Good news for the many residents concerned about plans to build an additional 220 houses on green fields around Cheswick Green. Cheswick Green Residents Association would like to whole heartedly thank the many concerned residents for their time and effort spent opposing this ill timed and as regards increased flooding, unconvincing application.
Mount Dairy Farm Posted 22nd January 2014 Solihull’s planning committee meet on Wednesday, 29th January to decide whether Bloor Homes application (2013/1679) for 220 new houses on Cheswick Green will be approved. Copy of of report to committee prior to decision (174Kb)
Mount Dairy Farm Posted 7th January 2014 Solihull’s Planning Committee meet on Wednesday, 29th January to decide whether plans for 220 new houses on Cheswick Green will go ahead. It is important to get a big turnout of objectors at the meeting however only one member of the public will be allowed to speak.
New Solihull Local Plan (LDP) Posted 5th December 2013 At a meeting on 3rd December, Solihull Council voted to adopt the new Solihull Local Plan – Shaping a Sustainable Future which (on page 86) recommends development of Mount Dairy farm no sooner than April 2023. Solihull Local Plan (PDF – 7.8MB)
Housing at Blythe Valley Business Park Posted 24th November 2013 The Planning Inspector who has been examining the draft version of the new Solihull Local Plan has finally published his report. The Inspector has approved the use of Blythe Valley Business Park for 600 houses to be built between 2013 and 2023.
Mount Dairy Farm Posted 7th November 2013 Planning Application 2013/1679. Plans to build around 220 houses on land adjacent to Coppice Walk, Willow Drive and Saxonwood Road have now been submitted. At a meeting on Wednesday 6th November 2013, held by the parish council with support from the residents association people packed into the village hall to find out more and to express their concerns. Councillor Chris Noble began by giving a presentation explaining the onslaught of local planning applications that are being put forward due to the delay in SMBC adopting a replacement Local Plan for the period 2013 to 2028. The short period between the expiry of the previous plan and the adoption of a replacement is seen as being a loophole that is being used by developers to bring forward plans to develop sites by around 10 years. Mount Dairy Farm being just one of these sites. Following the presentation, chairman of the residents association, George Burdett urged everyone to write to Solihull Council to object to the proposed development. An information sheet detailing some key points that the residents association feel valid reasons for objecting was made available to everyone. Download a copy. The residents association feel it is vital that anyone concerned about the proposed development write or email the planning department at Solihull council without delay, the more people that object with good reason the better chance we have. Finally those that attended were given the opportunity to ask questions and give their views on the planned development of Mount Dairy Farm. These were unanimously against the development.
Mount Dairy Farm and Shirley Golf Academy Plans to build around 220 houses on land adjacent to Coppice Walk, Willow Drive and Saxonwood Road have raised serious concerns with people living in Cheswick Green. Around 200 residents packed the village Hall on 24th July when Cheswick Green Residents Association held a meeting to let people know the latest news regarding the proposed Mount Dairy Farm and Creynolds Lane developments. It was stated that little could be done regarding Mount Dairy Farm until a planning application was submitted. In the case of Creynolds Lane however, residents were urged to write to Solihull council as soon as possible with their concerns as an application 2013 / 1126 for 57 houses has already been submitted. The Residents Association has produced an information sheet outlining its objection to this development. Download it here
Mount Dairy Farm Inquiry Posted February 2013 In January 2013 an inquiry was held regarding proposed development of land bordering Tanworth Lane, Coppice Walk, Willow Drive and Saxonwood Road. A number of interested parties were invited to attend and give their views. The views of Cheswick Green Residents Association can be downloaded here These comments are in addition to those made by CGPC through its planning consultant and Chris Noble. Local resident Piers Cockroft also spoke at the Inquiry referring to his survey.
Plans for 600 houses at Blythe Valley Business Park It has also been proposed to build 600 houses on land at Blythe Valley and that would have a major impact on Cheswick Green. The decision of the Planning Inspector as to whether these sites should be included within or excluded from the Solihull Plan should be known in a few months. As soon as the results of the inquiry become known they will be published on this website.
PLANNING APPLICATION FOR 57 HOUSES In Creynolds Lane Planning Application – No: 2013 / 1126 Applicant – Shirley Golf Club Ltd Proposal – Development of a Golf Academy with specialism for disabled golf with enabling residential development comprising up to 57 dwellings, closure of existing golf course access from A34 Stratford Road and construction of new access to Creynolds Lane.
Mount Dairy Farm Posted March 2012 You may have read in the press about plans to build hundreds of new houses on land bordering Willow Drive and Saxonwood Road, referred to as site 17 “Mount Dairy Farm”. This development was opposed by the Parish Council in 2010 because of the risk of flooding. It is now back on the drawing board! How would this development effect you?
Solihull Local Development Plan Posted January 2011 Solihull Council produced a development plan to cover the period 2011 to 2026. Around Cheswick Green there are a number of sites being considered. Following a public meeting on 2nd December the Parish Council has responded by supporting limited development of up to 20 properties on land between 21-61 Coppice Walk.

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