1. While this project may seem a welcome way to improve safety at this junction, I fail to see how it will work in reality. The current set up of “Stop” signs on Creynolds Lane/Vicarage Road are routinely ignored, and the speed of cars travelling along all 4 roads is often above the limits, so it’s no wonder accidents happen.
    The traffic calming measures introduced to Illshaw Heath a couple of years or so ago have made little difference to driving conditions in the hamlet, so I don’t see how these measures will make any difference whatsoever. The ONLY way to prevent accidents here is a “tabletop” at the junction which will force drivers to slow down. If the intention is to reduce the speed limit to 30mph on all 4 roads, then a “tabletop” can now be considered, because the reason that that couldn’t be put in place before was because the limit was 40mph.

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