Vehicle Crime

There has been an increase in reports of vehicle crime in Solihull in recent weeks. Steps that you can take to help to protect your vehicle.

Keyless theft: When vehicles are stolen using an electronic device to access the signal to your key fob. You can prevent this by purchasing a signal blocker bag to store your key fob in once you have parked up . Alternatively you can store your keys in a foil lined tin to stop the signal being picked up by a relay tracker device that has the range to pick up signals from outside your home.

Theft of High Value Vehicles: When storing a vehicle in a locked and secure garage isn’t possible then secondary security measures are advisable. Criminals want to steal your vehicle as quickly as possible so putting layers of security in place will help to deter them. Consider using a Disklok as a WMNow member you do qualify for a 15% discount by using the code WMPwelcome15 at the checkout.

Theft from vehicles:  After parking up at your destination or at home for the evening remove all valuables from your vehicle and make sure it is locked and secure. Opportunist thieves go out in the early hours trying car door handles to see what they can find. Items such as tools, sat navs, laptops phones, sunglasses and loose change are just what they are hoping to steal. So please take a minute before going to bed to check your vehicle is locked.

There’s lots of really useful vehicle crime prevention advice on our website
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‘Going Electric’

Solihull Council steps up roll out of electric vehicle charging points
Following the adoption of the Solihull’s Electric Vehicle Strategy, a number of new electric vehicle (EV) charging points are being installed around the borough.

Funding has been jointly provided by Central Government through the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (75%) and the Council’s own funds (25%) to improve charging infrastructure across the borough. At a national level, an insufficient number of high quality charging points has consistently been found to be a key barrier in preventing wider uptake of electric vehicles and this initiative begins to address this.

The locations of the EV charging points have been carefully considered based on whether there is a demand or expected future demand for electric vehicles in that area, or simply if residents don’t have access to their own off-street parking. The Council will continue to engage with residents to understand where there is appetite to improve the local charging infrastructure as it plans its next round of installations.
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Dear Residents,
From previous communications, you will be aware that Solihull Council (SMBC) is proposing to progressively double the volume of pupils attending Cheswick Green Primary School. The additional capacity is designed primarily to accommodate children from the Blythe Valley Park (BVP) housing development. Read More

Proposed Expansion to Cheswick Green School

Dear Resident,

During November/December last year, the Residents Association provided guidance on the proposed expansion to Cheswick Green Primary School (CGPS). Having canvassed local opinion an objection was sent to Solihull Council.

The subject is due to be discussed with the Council’s Cabinet Member next Monday (11th January 2021) with the likely outcome that the expansion will be approved in principle, subject to a detailed plan to deal with the likely increase in traffic and parking.

This outcome is not unexpected, as expanding CGPS was recommended by our Parish Council as part of their response to the Blythe Valley development plan.

Cheswick Green Residents Association

Dear Resident

Earlier this year we supplied you all with a COVID-19 poster to highlight when a neighbour was in need of support.

A further poster, reminding everyone to keep following the Public Health messages, has now been produced and can be downloaded for use where appropriate. If you are aware of a neighbour who does not possess the necessary technology, please print the poster for them.

Our thanks for your help and please stay safe

Cheswick Green Residents Association


Dear Fellow Resident,

As the Residents Association for Cheswick Green and Cheswick Place, our key  objective is to engender local spirit and make the village a better place to live. 

This is largely done by organising social events, competitions, litter picks, taking care of the planters (including those outside the school) and recognising residents who make a contribution to the village. We also work with the Council and Police to ensure that local opinion is taken into account. During this pandemic we organised the printing and distribution of a Coronavirus window display which has been prevalent throughout the village.

Although our running costs are comparatively small, we normally ask residents for a small contribution. However, as a result of the pandemic and its implications, it has been decided to suspend subscriptions for this year. Our costs will be taken from reserves which are held for emergencies.

The Residents Association is run by a small group of residents who undertake the bulk of work. However, in recent years our numbers have become depleted. Going forward, we plan to hold quarterly meetings with an online update each month.

While the work of the Residents Association is much appreciated, without the input of new members there is a risk that it will cease to exist. If you feel that the Residents Association is doing a good job and would be prepared to invest a few hours to help the community, please contact us at the following email address:


The Cheswick Green Residents Association meet on the first Wednesday of the month, 8:00pm in the Village Hall.


Looking after the interests of residents of the village of Cheswick Green.