Local Plan – New Timetable

Partly due to continued uncertainty regarding the Government’s standard methodology for calculating housing need and the distribution of the wider housing market area shortfall, Solihull Council has revised the timetable for its Local Plan as agreed at a Cabinet Member for Managed Growth’s decision making session on 25th September 2018.

The revised timetable for the Local Plan Review is now as follows:

• Publication of Draft Local Plan – winter 2018/19
• Publication of Submission Draft (for consultation) – summer 2019
• Submission to Secretary of State – autumn 2019
• Examination of plan – winter 2019/2020
• Adoption of the Local Plan Review – spring/summer 2020

This means before the draft submission plan is prepared we will respond to the representations made at the Draft Local Plan (DLP) stage and also take into account the advice now contained in the revised National Planning Policy Framework. The new timetable has created the opportunity to ask you for your views on  additional/alternative sites that could accommodate an increase in housing numbers and/or replace site(s) that may not be taken forward from the previous DLP into the submission version.
This is an additional stage of consultation open to all, before we prepare the draft submission version of the plan. In effect, it will be an extra non-statutory consultation undertaken during December 2016. This additional consultation will take place over the winter period.

It remains a priority for the Council to have a replacement local plan adopted as soon as possible. However, it is also very important that any plan submitted is sound and has support, in order to progress through the rigorous independent examination process that will follow.

If you have any queries about the Local Plan Review please email the Policy & Delivery team using psp@solihull.gov.uk

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