Memories of Solihull

Do you have memories of Cheswick Green, Shirley or Solihull you would like to share. Here are a few to start with.


The lovely hot summer at the lido in Brueton park being able to cycle there from my home the jet petrol station in Tanworth lane anyone remember me.
Susan Colston

I remember when Barnaby’s the toy shop was in Mill Lane, every child’s dream, i loved it in there, and a ride on the horse for 10P, I remember the Vienna Patisseries in windy alley, the smell of coffee as you walked past, and Barratts of Feckenham, which sold everything from tents to horse riding equipment, it then turned into Domec, a home appliance shop, there was Peters bookshop on the High Street, Rowleys butchers, the floor covered in sawdust, and the Co-op store on the corner opposite Clarkes shoes, all sorts sold downstairs, bedding, shoes, menswear and ladieswear then up the winding stairs to carpets, furniture etc and of course Santa, loved that store, all year round, also Super Save the old chemist that was on high street near India Cottage area, bought my Berol pens from there and stationery. happy days in Solihull, pity they built Touchwood and spoilt a lot of it.

MY BIGGEST childhood memory – until I was in my teens. Taking the 154 bus from Shirley to the stop at the top of Brueton Park, near St. Alphege on really hot, humid days, and the torture of having to walk all the way across the park to the Lido, hearing the splashes and screams, knowing that when you got there you’d be joining a queue of sometimes 100 or so, waiting for people to leave before the next ones were let in. Once in, slide, diving board, slide, diving board, slide, diving board and so on, until knackered. Then lay on the bit of lawn outside the cafe and eat your sandwich and a proper Crunchie bar before mooching back across the park, spent, exhausted and so, so content to get the bus back to Shirley. And in the late fifties I was allowed by my parents to do this from about 7 years old onwards. Happy times !
Pete Dyer

Shirley Odeon and its Saturday morning picture shows, the long metal slide in Shirley Park, Studio Musica record shop on the Stratford Road, Blossomfield, St James’, Sharmans Cross schools. happy memories before I had to move away
David Mitchell

Moved back to Solihull in 1970 after living in the USA. Lived in Prospect Lane and attended Lode Heath before going to Solihull Tech College. Lode Heath great school. Mr Jones was my Form Teacher. Mr Bayliss (Commerce) Mr Harris (History)and Mr Walden (games). The shared shower between the boys and the girls locker room. Class mates Dave Heard, Peter Willis, Dave ‘Rocky’ Wilson, Christine Jennings, Simon Morris, Steve Kilminster to name but a few. Sneaking off to the Spinney!!!
No Fish and Chips Shops allowed in Solihull, we had to go up to Chequers by the Robin Hood Island. A great place to live.
Memories of the 70’s. Sneaking into Lucas playing fields down Prospect Lane to play football. Going to the Track Disco and the Solihull Tech Disco (Skinheads and Grebos). Then progressed to the Gresworld on Monday nights disco, the Boggery, the Barn and the revolving dance floor.
Pedalling our bikes down to Berry Hall which was supposed to be haunted. Coffee in Beatties on a Saturday. The cinema on the high street with the little sweet shop next door. The Coca Cola plant down Cranmore Boulevard and getting freebies.
The Lair (Golden Lion), The Malt Shovel, the Masons, Captain Locker. Being able to park your car on the High Street. Having a Saturday job at Baxters the Butchers down windy alley.
Paul Doffman


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