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School Expansion

In June of this year, the Cheswick Green Residents Association alerted you all to the many flaws contained within the above planning application which would see the volume of pupils double. Having studied SMBC’s own Transport Assessment, concerns grew and legal guidance was sought. This led to the Cheswick Green Parish Council and Residents Association commissioning an independent survey to provide a transparent picture. Read More

‘Going Electric’

Solihull Council steps up roll out of electric vehicle charging points
Following the adoption of the Solihull’s Electric Vehicle Strategy, a number of new electric vehicle (EV) charging points are being installed around the borough.

Funding has been jointly provided by Central Government through the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (75%) and the Council’s own funds (25%) to improve charging infrastructure across the borough. At a national level, an insufficient number of high quality charging points has consistently been found to be a key barrier in preventing wider uptake of electric vehicles and this initiative begins to address this.

The locations of the EV charging points have been carefully considered based on whether there is a demand or expected future demand for electric vehicles in that area, or simply if residents don’t have access to their own off-street parking. The Council will continue to engage with residents to understand where there is appetite to improve the local charging infrastructure as it plans its next round of installations.
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