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Opportunist thieves targeting unlocked vehicles

The cars are being stolen and often cut up for parts.
Check our top tips for keeping your car safe.

Check your fob has done its job
We know locking your car is second nature but take that extra few second to check your fob has done its job and locked your car before walking away. Some cars are equipped with technology which unlocks the car when you walk towards it with the keys and simply touch the door handle to open the car. But remember that same technology doesn’t automatically lock the vehicle when you walk away.
Thieves also use devices to jam the signal between the remote control and the vehicle.

Check your door mirrors – some vehicles have automatic folding door mirrors when the car is locked using the remote control or button on the door handle. Make sure the mirrors are folded in.

Use a Tested Steering Wheel lock
A steering wheel lock is a great deterrent for putting off potential thieves from stealing your car.
We recommend a Sold Secure, independently tested steering wheel lock. Disklok is a recommended product and as a WMNOW member you qualify for a 15% discount just quote code WMPwelcome15 at the checkout.

Use a Faraday pouch
Do you have ‘keyless’ or passive entry vehicle? Then make sure the keys are kept in a faraday bag to stop it emitting a signal. Also protect any spare keys too.
Thieves can copy signals between the keys and the vehicle using illegal devices. Tricking the vehicle in to thinking the key is nearby, enabling them to open and start the vehicle.

We’ve had a few frosty mornings this week, but remember, always stay with your car when the engine is running. Don’t give that opportunist thief a chance to make a getaway in your car!
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