Memories of Cheswick Green, Shirley and Solihull

Do you have memories of Cheswick Green, Shirley or Solihull you would like to share? 
I remember when Barnaby’s the toy shop was in Mill Lane, every child’s dream, i loved it in there, and a ride on the horse for 10p.
I remember the Vienna Patisseries in windy alley, the smell of coffee as you walked past, and Barratts of Feckenham, which sold everything from tents to horse riding equipment, it then turned into Domec, a home appliance shop, there was Peters bookshop on the High Street, Rowleys butchers, the floor covered in sawdust, and the Co-op store on the corner opposite Clarkes shoes, all sorts sold downstairs, bedding, shoes, menswear and ladieswear then up the winding stairs to carpets, furniture etc and of course Santa, loved that store, all year round, also Super Save the old chemist that was on high street near India Cottage area, bought my Berol pens from there and stationery. happy days in Solihull.
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